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Why Refero

Refero’s Primary Care solutions support the NHS long-term plan to bring patients and professionals together and coordinate better care.

Our objective is to give GPs more time with people in need of their help. Refero creates channels of communication between doctor and patient that we are all familiar with, like video calling and instant messaging, and makes them NHS applicable, safe and easy to use.

Refero in Primary Care

Our primary care support:

  • Gives patients choice, independence, and more help getting treatment

  • Allows GPs the ability to spend more time with each patient, regardless of their location

  • Cuts Did Not Attend appointments

  • Creates better care for older adults and stronger support for care homes and residents

  • Brings NHS primary care into line with the digital expectations of current and future patients

Refero - Video and telephone consultations

Video and telephone

Refero - Safe Messaging System

Safe messaging

Refero - Intuitive AI Assitance

Intuitive AI

Refero - Self help and sympton checkers

Self help &
symptoms checkers


Refero - Video and telephone consultation technology

Video and telephone consultation technology

An NHS approved, more secure, more reliable Skype alternative. GPs use it to talk to patients, other care professionals, and each other.

Refero Messaging Function

Messaging function

We provide a messaging function that can also be used between patients, clinicians and practices – an NHS approved, safer alternative to consumer technology like WhatsApp.

Refero - Self-help sections

Self-help sections

We can create self-help sections for GP practices online, where patients can access symptoms checkers and signposting towards what sort of appointment they need, before they use our booking system.

Refero AI Technology

AI technology

Managing all of a GP practice’s inbound enquiries using gentle, intuitive machine learning (AI) tools, an alternative to call centre style queuing systems and answer machines.

Speak to our team about Refero

Get it touch with our team to see how we are building the bridges and filling in the gaps between patients and medical professionals through our video and telephone consultation technology.

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Need help finding funding?

At Refero we believe everyone should have access to the help they need.

Please contact us if securing funding is a particular concern, we are here to help.

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Refero in Primary Care

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